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Could not find file 'C:\Users\andyc\OneDrive\Documents\Parallel 42\The Skypark\Aircraft'.



I guess that points out to the Problem. I had many, tons of, issues when i had onedrive installed.

There seem to be problems accessing this folder out of other apps.


Not saying that's the reason but I remember exact same problems in past, where the errors look like yours.


Since I have everything in the "real" Documents folder those problems are gone.

I don't really get what's happening there as well but it seems the Documents folder, on PCs with it installed, access is done via /onedrive/Documents/ instead of only /Documents/ on a pc without onedrive and that was an issue often for me.


Not sure it's because of access rights to that folder or the path, or if the files are "locked" when onedrive is running actively and is in sync, or whatever the Problem is. But getting rid of onedrive and by that having the normal Documents folder path again all the problems were solved. Also some flightsim apps have issues with this I remember.


You may ask in the discord. They will probably answer you in minutes there.




You may try to go to that folder and see if it's really there. Or if there is content in it.



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Thanks Senchay. I generally don't have the time to track down these problems. I appreciate your efforts to help me out.


I deleted everything I could find for one drive then re-installed and it now appears to be working. I'm loading the sim now to see if they communicate. And they do indeed communicate.


Thank you again :o)

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