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The Skypark FS2020

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I have purchased, downloaded, and flew my first two "Missions".  One word.   WOW!    I could not seem to be able to throw this topic into the Orbx product reviews,  maybe?  (not sure)  but perhaps it isn't an Orbx product but a partner product?  I purchased it through the Orbx Central nonetheless.

This is definitely Not a full review but,  I just wanted to say how much i am really enjoying this nifty little addon pack.  To have purpose in your simulation flying,  besides exploring,  formation,  and general training etc?   I read the product description and thought...  "I have to try this"   This is a comprehensive package designed to give you a huge expantion to your simulation experience and,  I personally bought it because i felt that maybe this program will have me fly in regions/areas of the world that i would otherwise not.   The addition of XP (Experience points)  and Monetary gains for making deliveries etc are very intuitive in the approach.  Well done the creators of this addon,  and ty Orbx for carrying this.

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What a surprise to see this produkt. I thought it would never appear.

2019 at Cosford I was trying to get some more information, but in the end all I got was "soon".

Endlessly announced for "coming this summer", even in the winter until no further Information in the end...

Looks like Ivanka lost her job?

OK, I just purchased it, flew 2 leg and will see if I like it.

Anyway: Thanks!


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On 12/17/2020 at 5:25 PM, cro said:

Is the program only in English?
I only fly with flying club planes (C172 - C182 - Gran Caravan - DR400.Cub ...) is this compatible ??

Thank you for your answers

For this program?  Skypark...  It does not matter which aircraft you use...   but stay within flight parameters  Ie...  do not crash  (if you have crash detect on etc).

Other than that...   English does seem to be the main use of language so far as i see it.  maybe i am wrong.....

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