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  1. Totally agree, a one week trial period would be perfect.
  2. Is the program only in English? I only fly with flying club planes (C172 - C182 - Gran Caravan - DR400.Cub ...) is this compatible ?? Thank you for your answers
  3. Indeed an addon forgotten by me. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  4. Hi all / bonjour à tous, Where could I find a map with the airports of the Iceland demo. like map of Australia V2 thank's
  5. Thank's, it's O.K. now. Edit:Ican't edit my initial post to put the tag "resolved".
  6. Thanks Nick, but the problem is still there. (YGLA) this is not very important for me, just a bug report, for the good of all. Have a good day.
  7. I am under P3DV4.5 / AU V2. I have an altitude problem on YGLA. The airport is not listed in Vector. My configuration settings are those recommended by Orbx
  8. problem solved by removing Holgermesh
  9. Problems with Ayers Rock. AU V1, disabled, empty shaders, Vector O.K., recommended settings applied. http://
  10. I confirm the unexplained crash on "RPMG" on the roads crossing the landing runway. I fly with a B17 from A2A.
  11. Since 48H Unable to update (4KB / sc) openLc europe, Then buy again..... No comment, very, very angry.
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