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Sydney City CTD

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Just confirmed that the rename workaround stops the CTD.

Before renaming, I was flying Victor 1 VFR route up the coast from south of Sydney. All good till you get to the Botany Bay Heads and head N. Once you pass Bondi Junction just before the Woollahra Golf Club, CTD every time. Removed CS Sydney and all worked. Put CS Sydney back and CTD. Renamed the cgl file and all good when the CS Sydney kicks in. Not sure exactly what we are missing out on. Hopefuly alot as it looks pretty plain other than the Sydney CBD parts.

Just got notified of a MSFS update so I'll apply the update and try again and report back.

Fingers crossed.

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I have finally solved the issue. The problem appears to have been that the page file in Windows was switched off! 


Switching this back on instantly fixed the problem and both Sydney scenery and the airport now work as they should.


I am very annoyed that it took me this long to sort out and the fact it was the page file all along.


Thanks for all the help regardless.

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