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MSFS 2020 - London Shard not right

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I installed the London buildings pack last night, and in general it looks great and has really enhanced the look of the city. 


But, since I installed the Orbx pack The Shard is now not being displayed properly - it looks like a standard rectangular skyscraper. You can just see the very top of the proper Shard structure sticking out, almost as if a rectangular building is being superimposed on the proper Shard. 


Anyone else seen this? 



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Sounds like your Photogrammetry is not working correctly.

The Shard is one of the high-quality objects in FS20 that was created by ASOBO.

With V1.01 it was removed from the Orbx Pack and you should therefore now see the original object created by ASOBO.


If it is just shown as a rectangular skyscraper the engine is not loading the enhanced objects for the region within the simulation.




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