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  1. Hi Team! Thank you so much for the release of the fabulous Dubai City Pack! I really love the rendition and was awaiting this desperately. The models are great and the enhancements As to my question: In the Marina district - there are a lot of very nicely detailed buildings, like the Royal Home Estate or the Rixos - but both Landmark Buildings at the Walk - the Hilton Dubai Jumeirah and the Sheraton Dubai with its signature L-Pyramid style are just generic house models. Also most of the iconic JBR Residence buildings are missing, albeit them being nearly identical. I did not expect to see Bluewaters Island modeled - and was very happy to see that it made it into the addon. It's a pity that the Walking-Bridge to the Island is missing. Are there any plans to add these (and/or other) models in future updates - like the overhaul of the London City Pack? Thanks and best regards, Marc
  2. Sounds like your Photogrammetry is not working correctly. The Shard is one of the high-quality objects in FS20 that was created by ASOBO. With V1.01 it was removed from the Orbx Pack and you should therefore now see the original object created by ASOBO. If it is just shown as a rectangular skyscraper the engine is not loading the enhanced objects for the region within the simulation. Cheers
  3. Hi Team! Thank you so much for bringing us EGLS for FS20! It's already looking great! Here are a few things I noticed at EGLC after the 1.02 Update: - There is a cluster of buildings right south of the Terminal that shouldn't be there - it even blocks the railway. - Right there south of that building cluster should be the Drew Primary School - since this is a rather special building it would be nice to have it there. - Palm Beach County is missing a fire truck. - The ILS Antenna Arrays on both ends of the runway are missing.
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