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Updates to EGLC London City Airport, Landmarks London City Pack and KTIW Tacoma Narrows


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Hi all, we have just released via Orbx Central updates to EGLC London City Airport, Landmarks London City Pack and KTIW Tacoma Narrows for Microsoft Flight Simulator.




EGLC London City Airport

  • New 15cm updated ortho
  • Runway start points correctly placed
  • PAPIs now have correctly glideslope
  • Adjusted TDZ markings
  • Terminal glass now more opaque
  • POI lighting should now not be on during daylight
  • Fixed pontoon texture
  • Glowing POI walls fixed
  • Reinstated NAV/COM data


Landmarks London City Pack

  • Reinstated the default POIs (Tower of London, Tower Bridge, The Shard, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, O2)
  • Dimmed the night textures to better match the default lighting
  • Fixed the height of the BT Tower
  • Added the Dartford Crossing Bridge
  • Added London and Wembley Stadiums
  • HMS Belfast orientated correct way


KTIW Tacoma Narrows

  • PAPI glide slope corrected
  • Fixed error where scenery was not being recognised in-sim under certain scenarios


All these updates have been submitted to Microsoft for inclusion in the Marketplace and will appear in due course.


Our Landmarks London pack has received quite a lot of attention and we are going to explore how we can improve on aspects such as higher definition models, particularly for the more prominent POIs, while maintaining high performance in the sim. 

Please note that there are still items in the pack such as bridge placements and areas where the Thames is not flat and we are working with Asobo to rectify that.


The past week has been quite the learning journey for us and we appreciate everyone's support and patience.



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