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Orbx Central Problem

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I use to get a logo screen when I load up Orbx central, which i don't. Everything else works as far i can tell. i can go to store see my products. is there a problem with Orbx central. I use to get a P3D V5 logo each time i load Orbx central. I have attach a screen-shot of what i see when Orbx central is open.




Operating system:  





SnapCrab_Orbx Central_2020-7-31_10-2-45_No-00.png

SnapCrab_Orbx Central_2020-7-31_10-19-27_No-00.png

SnapCrab_Orbx Central_2020-7-31_10-21-25_No-00.png

SnapCrab_Orbx Central_2020-7-31_10-23-27_No-00.png

SnapCrab_Orbx Central_2020-7-31_10-31-4_No-00.png

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