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Files Failing To Extract Orbx Central For Northern CA.

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Good day.


I have to first of all tell you all I am not looking for any refunds because of this product error.  I love your scenery, and recently had to do a windows reinstall and now redoing the installs of your sceneries with FTX Central, I am getting incomplete downloads for some reason, or rather, "ex number of files failed to extract" message when using FTX Central.


I am plagued with a constant 3 files failing to extract from Northern California.


I am running Windows 10, Home 64bit on the computer in my signature.  i already know that I am NOT running Central in Compatibility mode, and I am also NOT running Windows Defender when downloading the sceneries.


Hopefully you folks can help me.  I like I said am NOT looking for refunds, but to rather solve this error and I am willing to work with you as long as it takes. 


Thank you in advance for your help.


Windows 10, Home 64bit, nVidia GTX 1070 8gb, 16mb ram.   3.60ghz processor. 

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