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P3D v5 - Orbx Object Flow

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Since migrating from P3D v4 to v5 I experience constand CTD's as well as complete hangs (could only be solved by restarting the PC) which never occured to me in V4.


Between other addons I have Aerosoft's EDDH and EDDF installed using the addon-method e.g. those are installed outside the P3D v5 folder. Additionally (also between other Orbx products) I have Orbx Object Flow 3.02.2 as well as Orbx Germany North and South installed. When taking off from EDDH (at app. 10.000 feet) I constantly get a CTD. After deinstalling Orbx Object Flow those CTD's are gone but the approaching EDDF the airport and all its building is not displayed. 


Are there any suggestions what I can do to get P3D v5 with all its Orbx addons running like in v4? Please find attached the add-ons.cfg, Prepar3D.cfg as well as the scenery.cfg.

Maybe something is wrong with the content of one of those files. Thanks.







add-ons.cfg Prepar3D.cfg scenery.cfg

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