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  1. Today I installed Orbx VECTOR into my P3D v5 and automatically it was added to the scenery library. But the insertion points look a little bit strange to me (see screenshot attached). Can somebody please confirm that this sequence is correct? Thanks. Regards, Rolf
  2. Issue has been solved with the latest update for LOWI. Thanks! Regards, Rolf
  3. If set "Autogen and scenery draw distance" to MEDIUM everything looks fine e.g. the runway is displayed as it should be. But in case I change the setting to HIGH the details are gone - please see screenshots attached. It would be nice if somebody tells me how to change this or if it is a bug that it will be changed. Regards, Rolf
  4. After updating P3D v5 to HF1 (making a complete new installation) the problems seem to be gone e. g. even that ObjectFlow is installed everything now is working as required. Regards, Rolf
  5. Since migrating from P3D v4 to v5 I experience constand CTD's as well as complete hangs (could only be solved by restarting the PC) which never occured to me in V4. Between other addons I have Aerosoft's EDDH and EDDF installed using the addon-method e.g. those are installed outside the P3D v5 folder. Additionally (also between other Orbx products) I have Orbx Object Flow 3.02.2 as well as Orbx Germany North and South installed. When taking off from EDDH (at app. 10.000 feet) I constantly get a CTD. After deinstalling Orbx Object Flow those CTD's are gone but the approaching EDDF the airport and all its building is not displayed. Are there any suggestions what I can do to get P3D v5 with all its Orbx addons running like in v4? Please find attached the add-ons.cfg, Prepar3D.cfg as well as the scenery.cfg. Maybe something is wrong with the content of one of those files. Thanks. Regards, Rolf add-ons.cfg Prepar3D.cfg scenery.cfg
  6. Hello Nick, thanks for the advice and it worked. But it was not necessary to previously manually add those sceneries to the P3D v5 Scenery Library because those are additional added by the program. But it is necessary to manually set the correct insertion point before using "Install". Regards, Rolf
  7. When I tried to download / install TrueEarth NL (using Orbx Central) I faced the problem that on C\: I did not have enough space for the to be downloaded file. But there is still enough space on other drives. So I copied the relevant 4 files from my P3D v4 installation into the P3D v5 Orbx folder and manually inserted those files into the P3D v5 scenery library. But unfortunately when I open Orbx Central again (P3D v5 MyProducts) it does not recognize the installation. What can I do that also Orbx recognizes this manual installation? The problem started with the size of that file e. g. app. 70 GB. As I do not have a fast internet connection it would take me several hours to download and therefore I want to shorten the installation procedure. Regards, Rolf
  8. Yes, I saw that Orbx Central was "working" after making the settings (changing the insertion point) and waited until it got green. Regards, Rolf
  9. Hello, thanks for the advice. But in such a case (if the Orbx Central Insertions Point is still "Top of the library") those already existing entries should not be deleted / overwritten but the Orbx entries just put in front of those already existing entries. Second also after following your advice I selected as insertion point below "FsDreamTeam Exclude" (see screenshot attached). This was the last entry I added using the add-ons.cfg and it was priority number 6. But please see (screenshot attached) what happened after that when I tried to install Orbx-Library and some other Orbx products. The Orbx Library became priority number 1 and followed by Orbx Base etc. FsDreamTeam Exclude became number 4 (instead of number 6) All the other previously existing entries (1-5) were changed to 6-10.
  10. There seems to be problems with the installation of Orbx products if I previoulsy used the Program Data LM add-on.cfg method to add various airports to the scnery libary. Let me explain it in detail. I added a lot of scenery (airports) to the add-on.cfg in Program Data\Lockheed Martin\P3D v5. After that all those sceneries were displayed in the Scenery Library ontop and greyed out. Everything was working fine and the airports were displayed and the correct gates could be selected in the P3D v5 menu. Then I started to add all my Orbx sceneries via Orbx Central. After that the previously added airports were gone in the Scenery Library and "overwritten" by Orbx scenery starting with Orbx LIBRARY, Orbx airports etc. Those airports were still displayed in P3D v5 but when selecting a gate still the list from the P3D v5 standard airports were shown. Also it was not possible to manually add the scenery: P3D v5 claimed that the scenery is already installed. So my question is why Orbx (when installing via ORBC Central) does not recognize that there are already add-on sceneries available in the library (maybe withe the priority 1-6) and always starts with priority 1 and overwrites exsiting scenery library entries. Regards,
  11. Hi Nick, your tip regarding "Rex Environment Force" was right. When I had those issues mentioned above REF was not running. But with REF running in the background those issues are gone. Do you have any solution to this e.g. that those issues do not occur even when REF is not running? Thanks in advance. Regards, Rolf
  12. Hello, yes, I am using Rex Environment Force...... Regards, Rolf
  13. Operating system: Windows 10 64 bit Simulator: P3D v4.5 Screenshot: attached Issue: If you compare the two screenshots you can see my problem. If I am "flying" too low the surface is completely "black". This problem I have all over the world and also if p.e. Germany North is installed - only the airports are OK! central.log scenery.cfg
  14. The same on my system e.g. I had an FPS drop of min. 30% if taking off from EDDH (with GEN installed) after changing to 4.5. Because the result was unflyable I reverted back to 4.4 and hope that somebody from ORBX would comment on this because it seems that a lot of people have the same issue......(also looking into other forums)....
  15. I had the same experience after updating client and content to 4.5 = my FPS dropped by one third! I tried everything what was suggested but finally decided to revert back to 4.4 (using my backup copy) and now I have my previous FPS are back again...... The loading time never was an issue for me .......and I do not have the time to download all ORBX files again and to reinstall all the other add-scenery I have! By the way for that test I was using a lot ORBX GLOBAL BASE PACK, OPEN LC EUROPE, VECTOR, TREES HD, EU GERMANY NORTH, JustSim EDDH and the Aerosoft Airbus....... Before I had FPS of 30+ during TO but after upgrading just 20+. Any ideas what could cause this problems with 4.5 because other users are reporting the same issue?
  16. Hello Nick, thanks for the quick answer and after a new installation the problem is solved. Regards, Rolf
  17. Hi, another problem with LOWI. I have ORBX Germany South installed and selected this in the Control Panel and closed it. During a flight I realized that there are some scenery problems and checked the control panel again - this time nothing was selected e. g. my settings have not been saved…….(see attachment). What are you supposing to do that my settings are saved and used in the simulator? Cheers, Rolf
  18. Hi Scott, thanks and you are absolutely correct. I also found those "remarks" and so the glide slope seems to be for information only. Cheers,
  19. Hi, I am using ORBX LOWI together with Aerosoft NavDataPro DB. What I recognized using ADE and looking into the BGL-file / Navaids (see screenshot attached) is that RWY26 has still an ILS approach whereas according to the charts and the navigation database it is LOC/DME only - e.g. no ILS and like RWY08. Will there be an update for this discrepancy? Thanks. Regards, Rolf
  20. I have installed Germany North and recognized that in Hamburg the big harbour is completely empty e. g. no ships are displayed even that I have the slider in P3D v4.3 for "Ships and Ferries" set to maximum. What can I do to have some big container ships to be displayed...... Regards, Rolf
  21. It seems to me that there are two different "signs / layout"at the beginning of RWY08 - please see screenshot attached. I previously installed JustSim LOWI and thought I deleted all relevant files..... but it seems to me that there is maybe a file still existing which "overlays" the actual version. Or is there another reason? Regards, Rolf
  22. Hi Nick, first thanks for the quick answer. In the meantime I found out that there are two possible slutions to my problem. First to lower the autogen building density to "Normal" or (which I prefer) to enlarge the airport ground area using ADE. For the result please see the attached screenshot. This now also looks more realistic to me than the previous one and the high rise building also is gone (even with autogen building density set to "Very Dense"). Regarding "mesh" you are right - I have PILOTS FS Global Ultimate NG installed and they confirm that their mesh is fully compatible with your products. But in case there are problems with certain airports they also offer a tool called PILOTS AFM which I used to adjust the P3D v4 stock airport elevation. As you can also see from my attached screenshot I do not have this problem anymore as shown in your last screenshot. And the cliffs on the lake shore do not bother me and I will also not discuss which elevation is right or wrong e. g. the airport itself, yours or FS Global's. Regards, Rolf
  23. Hi, I am using FTX Global Base Pack, openLC Europe and Vector. When I approach LSZA (Lugano / Switzerland) from the south using RWY01 there is a big building just in front of the runway (please see screenshots attached). This building in reality is not available (please see the attached screenshot using Goggle Earth). Is there a way to remove this building? Tips are welcome but please do not tell me to lower the "very dense" setting....... Regards, Rolf
  24. Hi Jarrad, your advise resp. the mentioned thread / method really solved this problem. Thanks and keep on with your excellent work and support. Regards, Rolf
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