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BUG REPORT - Texture problem

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I've come across a strange texture issue with True Earth Great Britain South and Central, I also have Great Britain North which looks fine and does not have the same issue.

I'm running X Plane 11.5b4 with Vulkan enabled and disabled and I've tried deleting and installing three times in case of a download issue and have disabled plugins and other airport addons to try and eliminate any potential issues. I would understand if the issue was because of the new X Plane beta but curious that Great Britain North seems to look fine.


Many thanks





My details as follows:

Order Information
Transaction ID: 5dc83a9626306
Product: TrueEarth Great Britain North - X-Plane 11
Amount paid: $58.95 AUD
Purchased at: 2019-11-10 16:30:03
Quantity: 1

Order Information
Transaction ID: 5c0ebe050776a
Product: TrueEarth Great Britain Central - X-Plane 11
Amount paid: $49.46 AUD
Purchased at: 2018-12-10 19:33:33
Quantity: 1



Annotation 2020-04-27 2025431.png

Annotation 2020-04-26 210154.png

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