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Cannot update Orbx Central 4.1 to 4.6


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Operating system:  Windows 10

Simulator:  P3D v5

Screenshot:  see attached

Issue:  I had been running Orbx Central 4.1.1 (fastlane) with P3Dv4 successfully. I've now uninstalled P3D v4 and installed P3D v5 ; all the Orbx folders remained as they were.


When opening Orbx Central I got a pop-up screen asking me to select a simulator (with no way to get to any of Central's screens). The highest version listed is only v4; I selected that as I assumed I could correct that once updating to 4.1.6.


When I went to General / and clicked Update nothing happens except the whirling circle just goes on and on, but there's no update loaded. I've looked for a way to uninstall and reinstall Orbx Central (the current download at Orbx Direct still shows v4.1.1) so even after installing that the result is the same. How can I install v 4.1.6 so I can get P3D v5 recognized?




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10 hours ago, Mitchell Williamson said:



It appears Central may be missing a file required for it to update. Please try the following:

I needed to take an additional step: After installing and opening Orbx Central Fastlane was blocked. Then I went to the AppData\Roaming folder and deleted all the Orbx entries (except backup). Then when I reinstalled Central 4.1.6 it opened with Fastlane selected -- of course, or it would have been 4.1.1 again. So all appears well now.


Thanks Mitchell for your quick response.

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