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Large amount of date downloading after verifying files

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Asking out of curiosity more than anything :)

Bought and installed the excellent openLC Africa last week and works a treat!


Took a flight into Northern California region and noticed I had the night textures in spots during the day.  Seemed to remember from seeing the issue before that I needed to verify my files.

On doing this for openLC USA I had around 750MB of files that started downloading, my Europe and Global Base were each slightly higher than that, around 900MB.  Africa required nothing downloading.

I am really curious to know what is it that triggers the need for these files to be downloaded?  Does Orbx Central see them as missing, in which case how do they disappear, or does it see that there is something 'not quite right' about them so it reinstalls over the top of them?

A question I have been meaning to ask and this need to download so much reminded me!

Many thanks!


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2 hours ago, Mitchell Williamson said:



It is hard to nail down exactly what caused this in your case. Orbx Central will download and install any files that are missing or differ from the ones in the current version.

Thanks Mitchell, wonder what happened.  The mysteries of what goes on deep in the sim. :)


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