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Issue with sceneries display


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Hello all,

I have some issues with sceneries display on FSX, mainly with Orbx products, since a few weeks back (12 weeks).  I bought the Barcelona city, ad it is always making my system run out of memory, I never could take off from there since I  bought the scenery and it does not display the city as in the promotional pics. 


The same applies for the USA region. since i install some sceneries and airport from there,  there is an error and the game keeps closing down automatically, each time i opt to fly form or to the US.


Recently, whe i try flying from Panama city ''MPTO'', the scenery appear with obects up and down. I must say that issues with Panama city airport started after i downloaded and install the V4 of the Orbx central, about 3 weeks ago or so.


I tried running the airport elevation configuration several times and it seems it is not working. So it is complicated to enjoy my flights. Is anyone going through some issue with the reported problems above? Could you help with some solutions? Or is Orbx ready to enlighten me/us on what is going on with their products and perhaps also the compatibility with other products, if possible or not, under V4 of the Orbx Central?


Thanks in advance.



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I have the same problem with the Charleston scenery as you have with Barcelona.  I've not made a fuss about it because I plan to move on to P3Dv.4 fairly soon, and in the meantime I'm flying the U.S. West coast.  But if there is a fix I'd like to have it. For one thing, I'm supposed to go back to work at my part time, post retirement, job April 1st, but with the current situation (Covid19) I may not for some time, so may have to wait a while before the upgrade.


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