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Orbx Central freezes internet/computer


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I'm noticing that with the conclusion of each product install, orbx central freezes, as well as my internet- a complete halt of data upload/download. Almost as if my connection needs to "take a break" ... The length of the freeze seems to depend on how large the orbx product is. TrueEarth Netherlands,  my traffic halted for about 10 minutes (youtube video had spinning loading wheel)- I wanted to open the snipping tool to get a screenshot but that wouldn't open either. After this 10 minute wait, everything seemed to just return to normal. Any idea why orbx central does this (never had that problem with FTX Central)



Operating system:  Win 10 Home 64

Simulator:  P3dv4.5 HF2





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Guest Josh Koz

Hi @bjratchf,


This is definitely not expected or desired behaviour. Can you provide some steps that cause this issue to occur so we can try replicate this issue?

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