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PAKT graphic anomaly(s) with GSX


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I use FSX Acceleration in Win 7-64.

The latest Orbx Libraries are installed.

Other installed software that may relate to the issue(s) >>

Pacific Fjords

Pacific NW

Southern Alaska


Global Vector

The issue(s) >>

1. Floating / hovering air stairs near the top of the Tower.

2. Scenery generally looks great on the surface and the aircraft moves about OK on the

parking,   taxiways,  and runway ;  however when moving about in external view it is apparent that other

scenery layers exist beneath ..........  Is this normal ?  If no,  perhaps my layer ordering is incorrect or I've

got more scenery added for this area than it can handle properly ~:)  

  Any tips, especially regarding elimination of the floating air stairs will be greatly appreciated. 

Screen captures are attached.

God Bless Australia.  We've been praying all of you and for help with those d_mn fires.

Thank you,

Ken Boardman




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Added info >>

I noticed tonight that when I disable the Orbx PAKT scenery the Hovering Air Stairs vanish.   But of course so do all the

very nice objects that are part of the PAKT package.   Plus it leaves many trees hovering / floating all over the place..

So,  not a good solution.

  BTW, I noticed that those Air Stairs have the UNITED AIRLINES banner on the side.  Perhaps this is a clue to where they

originate (the at fault software).


Re enabled PAKT and hovering air stairs reappeared.


Disabled GSX and the  air stairs vanished.  Issue looks to be GSX related.  It will be interesting to see if the hovering air stairs

can be removed while maintaining the other GSX functionality.

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Well, yes they can.  I hadn't played much with the customizing capability GSX until now.   The issue of hovering air stairs

was solved by setting the correct airport elevation for PAKT in the GSX user interface.  And once the air stairs are "back down to earth"

they can either be completely removed or they and their associated objects (baggage carts, etc) can be individually moved about / relocated

as desired by using the GSX "UI" and associated hotkeys.

  Just sharing this to perhaps help other possible perplexed FS addicts (like me ~:)


Best to all,


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