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More a question with placement positions...

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Operating system:  WIN 10 v1909 OS build18363.535

Simulator:  Prepa3d v4.5


Issue:  Within the scenery.cfg file, exactly where should the ORBX Libraries,  ORBX Libraries Global and ORBX Libraries Lookup be located? In my current setup after re-installing OLC Europe, ORBX Libraries sits above all ORBX apts and regions, and ORBX Libraries Global / ORBX Libraries Lookup (in that order) fall below ORBX!OPENLC_zBASE and above the Bathymetry entries. ALL ORBX sceneries *except* for the ORBX Libraries and ObjectFlow2 are in main Prepar3d folder, the latter two being in the ORBX Library folder.  I use the Lorby-SI P4AO to manage my config file layering when stuff in the Prepar3d Add-on Files folder require re-layering.


I run ORBX Central v4.0.33 with the insertion points for Airports / Regions being set for Below Addon Scenery and OLC set for Below ORBX Airports and Regions. Maybe the gurus can at some time in the future prove a table listing so we have a more visual representation of the layering order? 


Kind Regards,

Ken W.


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Hi Ken,


The user guide contains information on those particular entries:


There are some Orbx entries at the bottom and/or at the top of my scenery library.
Some Orbx products when installed into a library have additional scenery entries. These entries have unique layering requirements and therefore you may see the following:

  • Orbx Elevation Stubs
    • These typically sit near the bottom of the scenery library and are used to achieve correct airport elevation
  • Orbx Scenery Global, Orbx Scenery xxxx
    • These are files that are usually installed into the P3D\Scenery\* directories when installing directly into the simulator.
  • Orbx Libraries Lookup, Orbx Libraries Global, etc.
    • Some of the Orbx Libraries entries do not have layering rules and will usually sit at the top of the scenery library. These do not need to be placed in any specific place.
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Sorry for the late delay, @Mitchell Williamson. Thank you very much for the answer(s) to my question! Those two latter libraries were most curious about.  As it used to be common for the main ORBX libraries entry to reside at top of the ORBX sceneries, was not sure about the lookup and global lookup positioning. The above helps tremendously!


Many cheers!

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