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TrueEarth - Known Issues and how to fix them

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Note this post gets updated once new issues and their fixes get known.

Replies in this thread are not possible to keep the fixes are simple as possible for everyone. If you have comment, please open a new thread.


1. I'm seeing black autogen buildings!

Ensure that you have the latest version of Orbx Libraries installed, which contains textures required for the autogen buildings:

Open Orbx Central -> Go to "My Products" -> Go to "Other -> Orbx Libraries" -> Click "Verify files"

If this doesn't bring you the textures, uninstall Orbx Libraries and install them again.




2. I'm missing most vegetation and/or have lots of autogen buildings missing - particularly in populated areas!

1. Check your settings in Prepar3D. In Prepar3D go to Options -> Graphics -> World and check that the autogen building/vegetation sliders are not pushed too far to the left (which would mean that only few items or nothing gets displayed)

2. Update your Orbx Libraries. Open Orbx Central -> Go to "My Products" -> Go to "Other -> Orbx Libraries" -> Click "Verify files"

3. Check if you're seeing the smaller churches in populated areas (UK) or typical red farm buildings in rural areas (US) or powerlines (not meaning big POIs like Westminster Cathedral or Space Needle!). If you see those smaller objects, the problem is fixed!

If not, this will lead you to our next step:


Background: Some sceneries out there add their entries through the so called "add-on.xml" entries in Prepar3D. Problem is that some of them add new autogen descriptions through that method which may eliminate some of the autogen from other sceneries like True Earth for Prepar3D! This was caused by a few developers assuming that additional autogen entries are possible (as described in the SDK) while in fact it was only possible to overwrite all previous entries with new ones (this will be hopefully fixed in future Prepar3D versions making this post obsolete). Even worse the problem will NOT show in the sceneries actually causing it. While everything looks fine there, they cause disappearing autogen in other sceneries that can cover entirely different parts of the world!


Known sceneries causing this problem so far are:

Aerosoft's Chania -> Fixed with an update. Check Aerosoft's support page.

Aerosoft's Lukla Mount Everest - Extreme -> Fixed with an update. Check Aerosoft's support page.


However there may be other addons out there that are causing this issue.

In Prepar3D, go to "Options -> Addons" and untick all scenery addons you find there. Then restart Prepar3D.


After that you should see everything in True Earth as it is supposed to be! Check a previously faulty area and see if the error is fixed.

By reactivating one addon after another (and restarting Prepar3D each time!) you can find out which addon sceneries are causing the problem. We are aware this is a very cumbersome task, so please report if you find any other sceneries causing this issue and let es know so we can contact the applicable developers about it!




3. There's no autogen in a certain area around my Orbx addon airport XY and/or there are airport ground elements not showing properly!

Ensure that you have the latest version of the applicable airport, which contains compatibility fixes. This is recommended for all Orbx airports starting with EG... (except EGJA-Alderney, which is not within True Earth GB coverage area). Particularly if you have True Earth GB South installed, where most Orbx addon airports are located:

Open Orbx Central -> Go to "My Products" -> Select each airport individually and click "Verify files".


4. Some airports in the scenery are not properly lining up with the underlying imagery!

Note that while we do not advertise with upgraded airports to be included in this product, we did include the same upgraded airports that have also been part of the previous FTX regions! This adds a large number of additional airports as well as additional 3D content to most previously existing default airports and should be considered a free bonus that comes with this scenery.

Some of them have never been properly aligned for use with underlying photoreal imagery, so some elements of some airports can be offset. Feel free to report any you find to be considerably offset. We may consider to update a few of them at some point. No promises given though as this goes way beyond the scope of this product!


5. I'm not seeing and POIs like Westminster or the Space Needle!

Each region should come with so called "GB Libraries" or "US Libraries", which automatically get installed once you install a respective region. Check if you have them installed: Open Orbx Central -> Go to "My Products" -> Check if you see either "US Libraries" or "GB Libraries" under "Regions".

If not:

Open Orbx Central -> Go to "My Products" -> Select True Earth region you're missing the POIs for and click "Verify files".

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