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  1. Hello! Can you have a quick look if unpacking attached BGL file into the FTX_EU_!GBN_06_CVX folder solves the problem for you? Thank you! Bests, Sascha CVX_TE_GB_North_OceanFiller.zip
  2. In case of saving VRAM always go for the autogen density and distance slider. Those usually have a much bigger impact than the 3DM buildings. For what it's worth attached is a KMZ file showing the naming convention of the tiles in the US regions (it's intentionally kept simple, so please don't expect any further values except the tiles names and their coverage). Bests, Sascha TE_USA_Tiles_2020-12-01.zip
  3. For what it's still worth: I've seen reports from people in the past running OneDrive or a virus scanner in the background. Scanning all the whole file system all the time, which can be a problem if you have tens of thousands of AGN (autogen) files installed with True Earth (which P3D tries to access at the same time when flying). This could explain a few hickups.
  4. In all honesty I would even find 15 mins to be too much for my liking... You certainly see the way of doing this with an external HDD coming to its limits. Each region has around 100k AGN files and a huge amount of PR imagery. I don't think that deactivating individual regions will do much here. If you can't switch to an internal HDD (even a non SSD should be a lot faster!) try lowering the autogen display distance as well as the level of detail radius in your settings. Bests, Sascha
  5. Hi Dean, TE SoCal is using exactly the same techniques as the other regions - so technically there is no reason why it should perform any slower than the other ones. Also the betatesters couldn't see anything of this happening in their tests. Is there a particular area where this is happening, for example LA? The LA basin tends to be rather heavy on FPS if you have road traffic activated because it is filled with so many huge multiple lane roads. Bests, Sascha
  6. Hi! I just checked S07 in TE Oregon. It's exactly the same airport as in FTX but there seem to have been some larger taxiway upgrades in regards to new taxiways, aprons and hangars. These are reflected in the imagery in TE Oregon but not the airport files (which is identical to FTX but you don't see the different layout there because it doesn't have the imagery underneath). There are currently no plans to update all airport files but as soon as that changes, S07 is certainly one of the airports to look at. Bests, Sascha
  7. Hi! I just checked the waterbodies around the wind farms. They are really there but not always completely flooded in real world. There's a nice photo here that shows them partially flooded. Regarding the colors: There are noticeable coloration differences between some of the airports and TE. Some of them will likely receive updates for color matching but I cannot tell at this stage if this will be done for KPSP. Bests, Sascha
  8. That's the footprint of the new SoFi Stadium, which is currently under construction, nearing completion. See this photo from Wikipedia from July 2020: Certainly something nice to have as a POI in the future. I will add that to the list of potential POIs for a service pack. Bests, Sascha
  9. Hi! That shouldn't look like this for sure. Have a look at #2 here. Bests, Sascha
  10. That's certainly not how it's supposed to look. Have a look at #2 in this post. Bests, Sascha
  11. No need to let emotions run high about this topic as the fix is rather easy. I'll take a note to change the power line type around and from Turkey Point to larger structures (although unlikely a separate model exactly matching them) with the next service pack if there is one. Bests, Sascha
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