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Aerofly FS2 B777-300ER released with Sim Beta Updates


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12/18/2019 Via Ipacs/Jet-pack (Jan) 


Great news everyone!


 The Boeing B777-300ER is now available for the PC Version in the Steam Beta Channel!





The B777-300ER is included in the base simulator, so just let Steam work it's magic to update Aerofly FS 2 to the latest beta version and you should be set. It should be right next to the B747 in the aircraft list.

The update also includes many changes to other aircraft :)


  • Added Boeing 777-300ER to the core simulator
  • F18 additions:
  • Added interactive display menu (press button labeled "menu" once or twice)
  • Added displays: stores, attack radar, HUD, electronic warefare (EW), situation awareness (SA), attitude indicator (ADI), fuel, checklists, engines and flight controls (FCS)
  • Added HUD information: pull up cue, arrow to next waypoint, waypoint designator projected onto the ground, ILS deviation bars, TACAN HSI with arrow to station and deviation indicator, UTC time, day/night mode, brightness control
  • Added HSI options: tactical navigation (TACAN) overlayed on HSI map, options to toggle TCN, ILS and waypoints designator (WPDSG) on the HUD.
  • Added up front controller (UFC) functions: ILS, TACAN and radio beacon tuning and course selection either by typing in the ILS/TACAN channel or by typing in a ILS/VOR/TCN frequency (like "1103" for 110.3 Mhz)
  • Changed up front controller (UFC) behavior: autopilot now appropriate on sub-page (push the A/P button to see the autopilot options)
  • Added gear warning: gear lever flashing
  • Added B747 CDU pages: init ref, ident, perf, thrust limit, takeoff, approach (with several functions implemented), route (not operational) and others (not all operational)
  • Added B747 Thrust limit selection via CDU affects maximum thrust used
  • Added A320 MCDU approach page cheats to insert the local wind, pressure and temperature and a suggested baro or radar minimum (click the line select key with empty scratchpad)
  • Added Extra 330 display panel with instruments like GPS ground speed, HSI, GPS altitude, rate of turn, etc.
  • Added Extra 330 display basic menu system (only main page has content at the moment)
  • Changed B58 3D-model textures of the interior and exterior redone, fresher look and sharper textures
  • Added B58 new HD livery with black and orange stripes
  • Added ASG 29 gliding computer menu system and new pages: adjust before takeoff, nearest airfield list, ...
  • Fixed MB339 some switches and knobs were not working correctly
  • Changed LJ45, Q400, C90 transponder switches between fine and coarse increments when the knobs are turned slowly or faster


To help get this beta update into the release channel of Aerofly FS 2, we kindly ask all users that use the Steam Beta channel to do a thorough test of all existing aircraft to see if the changes to the other aircraft may have messed something up. We've already tested it many times but we could have overlooked something.

Please post all issues related to the new Steam Beta update in this thread. https://www.aerofly.com/community/forum/index.php?thread/15365-b777-300er-now-released-new-steam-beta-with-many-updates-waiting-for-you/


Merry Christmas everyone :)









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