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Terrain elevation woes


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Hope someone may be able to resolve a terrain elevation issue I have encountered

at Manchester Airport, EGCC. The runways and airport seem to be surrounded

by earth banks, but I am not sure if it is a bgl issue, or a gremlin.


I am running FSX-SE on Windows 10 64 bit with no issues.

I have installed and verified the following:

Global Base ver: 1.4.3

Global Buildings ver: 1.0.0

Global Vector ver: 1.6.3 

Global Trees ver: 1.0.0

EU England ver: 1.6.0


I have managed to rectify the sunken apron at EGHA ver: 1.1.6 by removing the

 '000_EGHA_FTX_Exclude_ALT.BGL' from the world/scenery folder and that now

seems to work fine, so I wonder if the problem at EGCC can be fixed as easily,

but I doubt it :unsure: I don't know whether this problem exists at any other airports, but

I haven't encountered it so far anywhere else,


many thanks in advance,






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Many thanks for the reply, I am new to Orbx so am still learning, but problem solved. 


I went into the Orbx folder in FSX and found the Vector tool, I ran the AEC for the all the airports and

applied the changes, I then loaded a flight at EGCC and bingo, terrain elevation is perfect. I guess this

is a case of RTFM :rollmyeyes:, but I really appreciate your help. 


I have also realised I can run the AEC tool through Orbx Central, so every day is a learning day, but 

thanks for pointing me in the right direction,  many thanks,





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