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I cannot install any Orbx Products or make any update on existing one. I already read the user manual and make a new installation of Orbx Central. No clue..


Please advise..





Operating system:  OS X 10.12.6

Simulator:  Xplane

Screenshot:  image.thumb.jpeg.b7a498075660f484de4f00f540e31dd3.jpeg


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Guest Josh Koz

Hi @RGe,


Your log indicates that the Orbx Central Worker process crashed during the installation process. As you're on macOS can you perform the following steps so we can determine why this occurred.


  1. From spotlight search Search for 'Console' and hit enter to open the application. This is the macOS tool for capturing crash reports.
  2. On the left hand side menu you should 'User Reports' folder. Click this.
  3. The list of reports should hopefully include entries for Orbx Central Worker. Click on any of these would to display the contents of the report. Any crash report should provide some insight as to why the crash occurred.
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Apple ended macOS Sierra extended support last month (October 2019), therefore we cannot keep maintaining compatibility with it. Orbx Central automatically updates itself when run, so I cannot link you an earlier version. I understand it is a frustrating and time consuming process to update your system, however as support has ended for macOS Sierra you'll likely see more and more of your applications become unsupported in the future. 

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I see the point that long term compatibility is nothing I can expect these days - so I have to update someday. But orbxcentral will not be the reason to do this. So I will stop looking for new Orbx Products till I make this step.

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