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Unwanted/incorrect reordering of the scenery.cfg file


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Operating system:  Windows 7 Ultimate

Simulator:  P3Dv4.5 HF#1

Screenshot:  Not needed

Issue:  Wrong Scenery.CFG layer reordering after using ORBX Central v4.0.16

@Mitchell Williamson @Ben McClintock I'm directly addressing this topic to both of you as developers, for continuation and follow-up of your previous analysis:

I've purchased London City airport EGLC earlier today via ORBX Central. The installation was successfully performed into an ORBX Library outside the simulator. Used the most recent official version of ORBX Central (v4.0.16).

After the installation of EGLC and closing of ORBX Central, I noticed that the openLC entries in the scenery.CFG file were altered again and put in a wrong order (I use the word “again”, as this was the case with previous versions of ORBX Central). For example, the entry for Global Base OPENLC_zBASE was moved up to the middle of the openLC package, and some openLC_Europe entries were re-arranged in the wrong way. I had to use the Lorby-SI Addon Organizer tool to manually correct the ordering of the layers in the required/correct way. Vector entries were Ok, and were not affected by ORBX Central this time. My point here is that ORBX Central is still making unwanted reordering of the scenery.CFG layers, specifically with the openLC entries.

I’m not using the “Sync Simulator” option and the experimental Advanced Layering feature, mainly because I don’t feel comfortable using them as to me they’re still not documented enough and there are still issues reported by other users in the forum.

Could you please take note and examine why this is still happening?. As you could imagine, it’s not practical to have to do a manual reordering of the scenery.CFG layers every time you install a new product or do some changes using ORBX Central. Please let me know if you have any questions or need more clarifications.

Thanks for your kind attention.

Cheers, Ed

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10 minutes ago, Mitchell Williamson said:

Hi Ed,


This is exactly the type of issue Advanced Layering was designed to address. Advanced Layering will become the default in Central 4.0.21 and later. If you do not wish to use it yet, then your current solution of layering it manually will need to be used.


Hi Mitchell:

I understand and hope the Advanced Layering will finally solve the issue. I could use it now, but I don't know how it would work. I will suggest ORBX to document the feature when it's officially released, and will not be experimental anymore, once ORBX Central gets updated to v4.0.21.

I also kindly suggest to keep this thread as "Active" until we all see that the AL has finally solved the issues with the scenery.cfg layering order.

Thanks for your support.

Cheers, Ed


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