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Verify Files in Orbx Central

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Help! Just DL'd OC Europe, trifik, love it but now I cannot verify any of my purchased files, just keeps timing out and displays - Communication Error Occurred - 


Have the latest version of Central installed, previously had no issues verifying files so this is a new event for me. Just trying to verify my EU Regions is all.


There is only one element might be worth mentioning here and that is - short on space C Drive so loaded OC Europe to H Drive and specified this as my (Library) wherein all other Orbx products reside C Drive.


P3D V4 in use, sim running fine no issues.

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I am not able to install, uninstall or make any changes to any package at all now as it keeps giving either a timeout error or a communication error.


I've attached my central.log file but there seem to be a lot of NULL entries when it is trying to do anything.


Can anyone please advise if this is something I can resolve or is this an issue for everyone just now?


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Hi Josh


The platform came back on-line yesterday and was working again, I managed all verification/migration/downloading tasks without any issues and everything is working just fine without having to re download the Orbx Central platform.


Think it's a Server issue your end rather than missing files within my end as this issue occurred twice within the last two days and I see other users reporting similar.


Love the new platform!  Thanks for East Midlands Airport too! Orbx rocks!







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hi guys hope this is the right place for this problem.

Since moving over to the new Central all over Aus v2 I am seeing blocks of night textures. Ive verified the files and reinstalled Aus v2 and Global and cleared out the shaders to no avail.

Ive checked as much as is reasonable all over the rest of the world and not seeing it anywhere else except Australia v2.

Any further ideas or solutions I could try would be greatly appreciated.

Again everything was fine in FTX Central this is only in the new Central platform.


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