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I just installed the latest Central 4.0.13 and love it ! It is a much easier and neater interface. You can switch between simulators without shutting down and restarting Central as was necessary with v3. I am also writing in case anyone experiences any concerns, as I did, when installing v4. i did not want to jump right into moving my ORBX material, with symbolic links, out of the P3D and XPlane folders mainly due to the fact that I have separate dedicated SSDs with lots of room for each of these sims. However when I installed v4 the steps seemed to require me to set and use the symbolic links method. But after installation and when I came to use Central v4 and bought a piece of scenery I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was given the choice to install to the flight sim or to the symbolically linked folder. Also when I first ran P3D after numerous updates appeared in Central 4 and I had installed them the scenery seemed messed up - all non-ORBX regions/airports had layers of scenery and autogen buildings all over every airport that I checked, making them absolutely useless. However I have just enough experience to run the vector tool and more importantly delete the P3D4.5 scenery.cfg When I restarted P3D the scenery.cfg rebuilt and all was  and is perfect. Of course although I thoroughly read the user material for Central 4 I still have to get my head around the backup function and symbolic links function before I actually begin to use them and each of us has o decide the pros and cons depending on our confidence using them, our SSD/HDD complement and simple personal preference. Sorry about the bold/underline as I was not sure if this is a bit rambly and not clearly enough written. Overall a positive step for Central - thank you ORBX !!

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