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Upon the release of Orbx Central (OC) 4.0.4 I migrated my Orbx products to a library. These original versions of OC introduced many laying issues and I needed to use Lorby Addon Organiser (AO) to manually correct my Scenery Library. Once the Library was tidied up my P3D4.5HF continued to perform well (see SceneryExport OC4.0.6 tidy.html).


Until today I've not upgraded (or even run) Orbx Central since 4.0.6 as I was aware you were planning improvements to the layering.


I've just installed the new Orbx Central 4.0.11 and activated Advanced Layering. Did a Sync. Reapplied Advanced Layering (which hadn't saved) and confirmed the two insertion points.

I then quit OC and reran it.

I noticed OC updated to 4.0.12. So I again reapplied Advanced Layering (this time it was saved correctly) and then repeated the Sync and confirmation of insertion points.


Upon checking my Scenery Library in AO I see it is again a mess (see SceneryExport OC4.012 mess.html)


Whilst I can manually clean it up in AO... as soon as I Verify Files on a product or Sync etc the Library is again turned into a mess by OC 4.0.12  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


central.log scenery.cfg SceneryExport OC4.06 tidy.html SceneryExport OC4.012 mess.html

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Thank you for those files. Using the information, I've found a few potential issues:

  • Duplicate Orbxlibs aren't layered correctly
  • Elevation stubs aren't layered correctly if they have their layering set previously (by the Lorby tool or similar)
  • As for 3W5, 1WA6 and NZNI, it appears they may be missing configuration files.
    • If you press verify on those three products, do they then get layered with the rest of the Orbx products instead of sitting at the top?

Luckily these issues are all relatively easy fixes on our end and I've logged them all to be fixed by our team.

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If you press verify on those three products, do they then get layered with the rest of the Orbx products instead of sitting at the top?


Hi Mitchell


I just tried Verifying the problematic entries at the top of my library (3WS, 1WA6, LOWI, PFJ, NSNI and NZSI) with mixed results (see SceneryExport190905 4.12 post-verify.html).


In particular:

3W5 is now correctly located with the other orbx airports.

1WA6 improved a bit as it moved down from the very top of the Scenery Library to the top of the scenery.cfg entries. But it should be further down with the rest of the orbx airports.

LOWI didn't shift and remained at the top of the scenery.cfg entries (where it has been joined by the aforementioned 1WA6)


PFJ, NZNI and NZSI remain erroneously above the scenery.cfg entries and not where they should be (with the other Orbx Regions below the Orbx Airports)





SceneryExport190905 4.12 post-verify.html central.log scenery.cfg

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