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Dear Sirs, I have a problem with AEC. 
First of all I had a problem with the recognition of the airports and then I followed the advice contained in the 3ad (useful tips)
"How to make vector recognize P3Dv4.xml scenery." 
After running MakeRwys.exe (of course I follow the instructions of the 3ad) then I run via central (4.0.10) AEC 
but it presents me with this error (attached photo) and I don't know how to proceed as I can solve? 
Thanks in advance for your support. Sincerely


Screen Shot airwind 09-02-19 07-04-09.JPG

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I have a similar problem. It starts checking the AEC and then after about 1 minute stays with an error message. If the ladies continue, they will "work" forever.

After the Orbx Central restart, the error no longer occurred and the program terminated correctly. Weird.



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