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File Duplication remaining after migration -- how to deal with it

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Operating system:  Windows 10

Simulator:  P3D v4.5 + hotfix

Screenshot:  See attached

Issue:  After migration some files are remaining as duplicate, including an xml which I am not sure why it exists...


I finished the complete migration of my files, with Global remaining in the P3D root folder.  I went back to the old ORBX root folder in P3D, and I noticed that there were a few stragglers remaining behind, including duplicate files (as per ORBX 4 JPEG, all of these files are also present in the newly migrated folder.  I also have a lone xml file for FTX_AU (even though I do not own any Australia scenery for FTX), so I am not too sure what to do with it...


Assistance would be great in regards on how to deal with these left-overs without causing hicups with P3D (I deleted them manually at first and there were registry problems with P3D, including scenery entries).


ORBX 1.jpg

ORBX 2.jpg

ORBX 3.jpg

ORBX 4.jpg


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It is normal for some files to be left behind. The FTX_AU folder contains a configuration file for Orbx ObjectFlow, this will always be in the simulator root.


The OLC_AA, OLC_EU1, etc. folders are also included with Global Base, so it is normal for this to be left behind as well.


If you encounter any errors when starting P3D, try running 'Sync Simulator' in the Orbx Central settings under Help. If this doesn't resolve it, please let us know what errors occur.

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