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elavation/terrain issue

Eric D.

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I upgraded to Orbx Central and after starting Flightbeam NZWN today, I see the attached view. Also note the AI aircraft in mid-air. Similar effect on Orbx NZQN (attached as well). Did not have this before Orbx central. Might be connected to the fact that I moved the Orbx NZ North and South to a new library on a different hard drive (d:). Afterwards I de- and re-installed NZWN, which still is on my main P3D4 drive (c:). I also ran the troubleshooting recommendation on FB Manager. No changes unfortunately. Known issue?
Thank you,







Operating system:  Windows 10

Simulator:  P3D 4.5

Screenshot:  2 attached



Screenshot NZWN.png

Screenshot NZQN.png

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Additional information:
I usually backup the file scenery.cfg after new installation of scenery and after running global vector's airport elevation correction. I just compared the last version of scenery.cfg I backuped before migrating to Orbx Central and the most recent one from today. There are almost 60 entries missing, all referring to orbx airports. Might connect to above problem.

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The compatibility with Flightbeam NZWN is likely because its compatibility tool tries to disable NZNI files that used to sit in the simulator directory. As they've moved to add-on.xml in other location, it won't be able to find the files to disable. You may need to contact Flightbeam directly to find which files need to be disabled.


NZQN should work correctly though, so this may be a layering issue somewhere. Is NZQN installed directly into your simulator or has that been migrated to a library as well?

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Hi Mitchell,

thanks for answering!


I moved NZNI an d NZSI to a new library on a different harddrive. NZQN I left untouched in the old FTX Central folder structure on drive c:


I checked the forum on Flightbeam and found the list of files to be disabled. I then found these files in the new library I've set up on a different hard drive (d:). I disabled them manually, but unfortunately with no effect.


Might it be a problem having "regions" and "sceneries"separated on different drives?




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I've installed NZQN, NZ South Island and Vector in similar locations to your setup however I am unable to reproduce the issue you are having.


Please could you upload your scenery.cfg located in C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 and we will try to assist further.



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