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Instaling via manual downloaded files

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Operating system:  win10 1903

Simulator:  P3D v4.5.12.30293

Screenshot:  see manual page 17/29


I have a clean install of P3D without any ORBX scenery. a clean scenery.cfg and a clean add-ons.cfg .

  When installing using the option to use my manually downloaded files ( the manual shows Advanced Install but in reality shows Install via Manual Download) after selecting the file (One single .zip as downloaded previowsly) the message and bar says Extracting... then converting to chunks ,,after that a download of the whole file starts from the internet , this downloads the many .zip small files .

I have the whole of my purchases in manually downloaded files each one a single .zip , if to install any of them I have to redownload is going to be very costly and long.

Is this the way it was meant to be ?? I am attaching a file of the log .

By the way if I install any of he scenery i have via manual download using V3 it works OK.


Thank you 


centralDownload problem.log

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Hi Jorge,


Unfortunately the manual download zips for FTX Central 3 don't work with Orbx Central as we've moved to a new, more efficient method of packaging products.


We are investigating potential ways that we can support these older manual downloads in the future, however it is not currently on our immediate roadmap.

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Which means that I and many others that have used the manual download method offered by ORBX  (although not recommended) are stuck with having to download many gigabytes of data again , at a cost for us and for you... with all respect not a very clever decision as makes me wonder what new BRILLIANT IDEA Orbx is going to come with in the future to impose on us.


Thank you Mitchel for your reply....It would have been better if the ORBX Central team understood  the impact that the new EFFICIENT method would impose on users (and ORBX) not considering that they have already DOWNLOADED the files ....sorry that is not efficient for me, rather wasteful.






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Guest Josh Koz

Hi Jorge,


15 hours ago, aeronauta said:

Which means that I and many others that have used the manual download method offered by ORBX  (although not recommended) are stuck with having to download many gigabytes of data again


You can install the products via the FTX Central 3 using manual download zips then, if you so choose, use the migrate to library functionality to bring these into a library in Central 4. This option is still available to you and won't require you to re-download entire products again. Migrating is optional and products installed via FTX Central 3 will continue to work in Orbx Central.  Orbx Central installs products outside the simulator which addresses one of the reasons manual download  zips were utilised in FTX Central 3 by allowing products to be enabled and disabled without  needing to be installed and uninstalled from the simulator root using a manual download zip.


Hi Gerard,


15 hours ago, GSalden said:

Why not the possibility to check already manually diwnloaded and installed Orbx addons in FTXCentral 4 ?


Orbx Central will automatically detect products that were previously installed via FTX Central 3. No further action is required for these products to continue functioning in Orbx Central  as they had previously.



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Is C4 capable of moving the complete Orbx folder outside P3Dv4.5 without the need of re-downloading or re-installing ?


Or can I move it manually outsude P3Fv4.5 to the place C4 wants it and C4 recognises it and only corrects the new paths ?


As I read that many people are having issues I want to avoid issues on my correct working Sim with almost 300 library entries


I now have scenery.cfg + xml way mixed and listed per country by Lorby Si’s Addon Manager and every addon has its own entry to en/disable.


Therefore I do not want C4 to re-order all Orbx scenery..

Each time now before opening FTX C3 I make a backup with Addon Manager and restore that after closing FTX C3 to keep the addons in the order I want..

Can I set C4 that it does not do that ?


regards, Gerard

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