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Not so sure what is what anymore.....

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Had morphing issues over the weekend, posted a post about this and never got a reply.


Installed the new Orbx central today and the morphing issues are gone


BUT now my land class is wack, whole Columbia river is just gone....




Operating system:  Windows 10

Simulator:  P3Dv4


Issue:  Where is my land class?




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I manged to get back my water after I migrated all products but still have morphing issues.

I can recall, back in the day, switching regions helped for this but it does not seem possible anymore?


This also only appear to be in Northern Rockies.


Any help?

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This may be an issue with your installation of Orbx Libraries or Global Base.


Can you try the following in Central?

  • Under Global, select Orbx Libraries and press 'Verify Files'
  • Under Global, select Global Base and press 'Verify Files'
  • Under Settings, under Help, press 'Sync Simulator.

Try loading up Prepar3D again and see if the issues persist. If they do, please attach your central.log file.

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