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I have been noticing an interesting problem with AI aircraft in my p3d setup.  Installed I have P3Dv4.5, JustFlight Traffic Global, and ORBX General Aviation AI traffic for North America and Australia.


I started an adventure in Australia and am flying to Europe, first thing I noticed was a Float Beaver parked at an airport in the middle of the outback, figured it was ORBX AI with there strange Aussie sense of humor and thought no more of it.  Today I was coming into land at Burgas, Bulgaria and was behind another aircraft on short final, and kept waiting for the 'exit runway when able' message to stop so I could land, well the aircraft was another Float Beaver and it could not exit the runway because it it was a float plane on land.


Has anyone seen this before? With several packages installed I am not sure where I should look to determine where the problem is.  

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