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Aerofly: Open Alpha Released for Testing


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Just a heads-up for the brave and curious!


From DrHotWing1 (Ipacs)


Greetings fellow flight simmers,


We have now published a new ALPHA build to Steam that we need your help with testing for us.


Please keep in mind that this is an alpha build that could potentially have some issues, so we ask only those that wish to test this build and report any issues that you see in it to THIS THREAD ONLY.  


This alpha build is mostly major internal code changes so please don't expect any new features in it. If you do wish to test this for us you will need to opt into the ALPHA build specifically posted in Steam.


If you do decide to test this please check carefully the following areas;


- basic checks: all aircraft gear, flaps, controllability
- starting positions: correct placement for runways, helipads, approaches ?
- scenery: object placement correct ?
any flying / missing objects ?
- autopilot / autoflight system
- aircraft displays
- flight school
- view control
- vr: steam and oculus
- vr: controller, cockpit interaction
no g effects / view wobble in vr


We thank you for your continued support while we work to improve the future of Aerofly!

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