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BUG REPORT - True Earth GB South road + lighthouse errors

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I noticed a couple of issues in True Earth South.


Boringdon Hill at Plympton, Plymouth is incorrectly elevated above the ground, making it look like a flyover.  Coordinates are 50.396432, -4.053950.




There are 2 overlapping lighthouses at Shoreham.  Shoreham Lighthouse should be grey, not red/white, although I guess that's just default colouring.  Coordinates are 50.831086, -0.248137.  If I'm being picky, there's also a house and tree in Brighton road next to the lighthouse.  :-)







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Hi Dave.  SP1 for GB South was released early this morning, after you posted that screenshot.  If you look at it now I think Orbx have fixed the issue. (apart from the tree in the road at the bottom of this picture).




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