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Is SCA really required.

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So this is a bit unusual.    I use the Megascenery California because I prefer it, since I lived there.   I have all of Orbx stuff for NA and Land classes with Vectors everywhere else.  So when Megascenery and orbx south calif are enabled, the frame rates drop quite a bit, this expected since 2 scenery are cover the same are I suspect.  So I disabled SoCA Orbx and the airports I used in Southern Calif by orbx work very well still.  So when the web site says it is required, is that only when using Orbx only.  With Orbx SoCa disabled I do get better frame rates.  Does SoCa Orbx need to be enabled for the airports to work and look the same when SoCa is enabled, from what I see the answer is no.   Just to keep this post happy I use and love the alaska scenery and love the airports in SoCA and else where.  Just figure I get better frame rates and with Megascenery enable, not sure if I am missing anything in the SoCa Orbx when disabled


In a nutshell is it ok to disable Orbx SoCa when using a airport like San Deigo by orbx without side effects per say

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