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GND textures flickering during night approach

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i'm encoutering flashing ground textures during night approach (no problem during day time). It's appearing at differents airports.

Im using FTX Global/Vector/OpenLC. No Mesh. Dynamic Lighting is ON. Texture resolution is set on 15cm. FXAA = OFF, MSSA = 4x, Anisotropic = 16x

I have done a quick video to show it.

Not sure exactly where it comes from. Any help is welcome.




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I cannot view your video.  I do know that I experience flickering/shimmering in the distant night lighting as well though.  I believe this is a victim of distant autogen shimmering (particularly trees) which I can see in the day too.  Orbx night lighting coexists within the trees.  I haven't been able to resolve this despite many graphics setting configurations.  From my research, many others have not been able to either.

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