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KSAN Photoreal

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Is there anyway to disable the Photoreal area around KSAN and just use what is there with default OpenLC/Global and leave the airport alone?

I'm really not digging the surroundings of the airport. The photoreal areas are not very good at all, the autogen annotation is also not very good. 

Too be real honest with you I am very disappointed in the quality of this airport and  I own tons and tons of ORBX scenery and have never had a problem. 




P3D v4.1

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It's not designed to be disabled, and you may encounter issues doing so, but if you want to remove photoreal from any airport the easiest way to locate the files is to open up the scenery folder of the airport and sort by size, then disable the largest files.


The files usually also have "photoreal", "PR", or "aerial" in the file name. 

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11 hours ago, h3pilot said:

Jordan, were you able to disable the photo-real?  Did it look better?

I wasn't able.  


I'm waiting for the update coming soon if it doesn't fix the issue I will but the Latinvfr v2.0 for p3dv4. They did a new version of KMIA and I was extremely impressed. 

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