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Trouble copying some files from Pacific Northwest package


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I was installing the Pacific Northwest scenery yesterday on P3D 4.1.  I am on Windows 10 Pro version 1709 build 16299.125 , a totally clean install of Windows and just installed P3D 4.1.  I have used these products on FSX Steam and P3D v3 without any issue.


The Base, OpenLC North America, and Vector packages were installed before installing the Pacific Northwest package.  During the install of the Pacific Northwest package, I got some error messages stating that a file couldn't be copied - unfortunately I didn't take a screenshot.  I recall I pressed either OK or Continue, and I got the message a couple more times, but then the install completed normally and I got the confirmation that the download had completed successfully.


Afterwards I made a few flights around the Seattle area, and everything seems to be working just fine.  Should I uninstall and then reinstall the Pacific Northwest package, or just leave everything alone?




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Welcome to the forum(s) Jim. Unless you see something really funny I'd leave it alone. I doubt if there is a problem if the install completed. I've seen messages like this also. Usually it's a momentary dropped connection on the server which is recovered by the installer.........Doug 

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