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Orbx Ticket Portal

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Hello Everyone,


                             Please be advised, The Orbx Ticket Portal was established to give our customers the quickest response to resolving the following.


1.  Activation of OrbxDirect Account

2.  Purchase Enquiries  

3. Credit Card/Stripe and or Payment Enquiries

4. Wrong Orders Purchased

5. Password Reset

6. Access to our Forum (Having no access to the Support Sub Forums)

7. Commercial Accounts and or the above pertaining to a Commercial Account.


It is very important that the above criteria are followed.

If you open a Ticket for Technical Support, I will not give you Technical Support. The Orbx Support Forum is designed for this purpose. 


Basically, at any given time, the Ticket Portal can and is very busy as Orbx grows and adds more products for our customers to enjoy.

Technical Support Requests will only slow down the response time to our customers, and it is imperative we have a minimal delay in response times.       

Many Thanks

Richard Lincoln                   



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