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Morphing Texture near KTOA ?

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I have strange texture which popup around KTOA airport.

If I disable OPENLC_NAMERICA then everything is OK and I do not have this behavior?
Is there anything I can do before reinstalling everything.

I cannot find FTX Global openLC North America in the troubleshooter.
FTX Central says that Noth America is installed and up to date.






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I had a similar texture turmoil after installing a larger number of (OrbX) scenery addons before re-starting the FlightSIm again.

Could solve the problem by first deactivating all OrbX sceneries in the scenery library (doing it from within the sim), and, after the scenery database was rebuilt, re-activating them 'peu-a-peu' (all areal sceneries from Europe, then the NA package, then Australia, then the airports).

Luckily there was no need to de- or re-install anything.


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