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FTX Vector Configuration Tool can't find any simulators and doesn't start


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Hello everybody,


my name's Cristiano. I just bought FSX-SE + REX 4 and FTX Global + FTX Global Vector + FTX Global OpenLC Europe.

After FSX I installed FTX Global with success and, after some problem because the update, alse FTX Vextor. Unfortunately when I try to launch the Vector configuration tool, it didn't start.

In the screenshot you can see the warning message. Before writing here,  I tried looking into the forum, but I didn't find similar situation. In any case I would like to apologize in advance if  I missed any resolution topic.


Thank you 





I also looked for any vector conf files  hoping to find a wrong path setting, but without success





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I had this installed and it worked fine. Now after a rebuild caused by a scenery fault it shows exactly the same error message as the above screen shot .

Will be very interested in the reply to the above and its has saved me from creating a new item...

Backseat   ;; 583719c3d0f76

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