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  1. Tks, for answering, Ian S. I think my post seems a bit confusing so sorry about it. What I'm trying to find is this: How can I see a DLH plane while flying online VATSIM? Other day I flew NZCH->NZAA and was at gate 17. Just after landed a ANZ flight but instead of ANZ colors in fuselage it showed a KLM. Since I fly KLM I have KLM liveries in my B737-800. B747-400, B747-8, B777-200LR, B787-9 & B787-10. Tks again for help
  2. I'm newbie in this kind of software (AI traffic) and my questions may be dumb but need to ask anyway. With any of these programs will I see any aircraft with its virtual airline? Like someone connected as QFA or AAL or BAW...? Will I need to have these AI traffic flying everywhere (unrealistic in simulation but...) or is it possible not to? Tks
  3. Do Orbx 787 and 737 Immersion make landing & taxi lights become more intense, changing for better visiibilty at night? Tks
  4. Bought your RJAA scenery through Orbx Central. Installation was ok, terrific scenery btw but... Placed my QW787-8 in gate 55 (it shows 2 jetways) but while trying to make GSX Level2 work there is written message showing that no AFCAD could be found!
  5. Just to clarify me: can I create this path => F:\P3Dv4_Addons\Orbx folder then run Orbx Central 4 pointing to it and nothing more? No need to anything, anymore? Tks again for your big help
  6. Hello again, Nick Reading this post I have questions: Built an entirely new pc with 3 1TB SSD Samsung (1->OS/Win10-64 / 2->P3Dv4 / 3->P3Dv4_Addons). Didn't intall anything except airplanes. Got many Orbx products. With Orbx Central 4 can I create ...\P3Dv4_Addons\Orbx installing all products there? If so do I need to add them one by one to P3Dv4 library? Or else? Tks
  7. It's been awhile since I was here and many things happened (some of them very bad indeed, covid-19 the least of them) 1 - just now I got all my equip ready for use. Could Chris give me some help (link maybe) so I can try an overclocking (trying to get more from my processor)? 2 - Nick, I followed your instruction for an Orbx folder outside P3Dv4 and it worked just fine but now I built a new pc, got a new license for P3Dv4 and followed the same instruction (Orbx empty folder inside an P3Dv4_addon drive, right-clicked in it but there is no option to create a link). Any clue?
  8. 1 - AnKH -> Sorry not calling you Chris. Just now I saw your name. I will use this new hardware for multitasking not just for simulation (tks for that) although I'm really disappointed with my naiveness (and yes, it cost A LOT OF MONEY but thankfully this money didn't come from my savings - it was an extra unexpected money - and I decided that my hardware needed an upgrade so I choose some of the best, like GEFORCE RTX 2080TI & 128GB - 8X16GB_CORSAIR VENGEANCE because while running P3D I run other programs too). Anyway, just so I can't feel that bad, this hardware will make P3Dv4.5+ run easily? 2 - Nick -> This was just what I needed to know Tks both
  9. First of all tks for answering so soon, AnkH. I'm not an expert so I thought that an I9-9900K (LGA1151-8cores@3.60GHz-up to 5.00GHz) would be much slower than an I9-10940X(LGA2066-14cores@3.30GHz-up to 4.60GHz) and I confess that I'll be very disappointed if you are right. My reason was that 8cores@3.60GHz would give a total 28.8 against 46.2 gross but if the only thing that matters is the 3.60(up to 5.00) or 3.30(up to 4.60) not considering number of cores then I really spent A LOT OF MONEY FOR GETTING A "FASTER" PROCESSOR AND EVERYTHING RELATED (LGA2066 motherboard for example). Since I paid for it and can't go back will have to live with this kind of mistake. I had an I7-4960X-6cores@3.60GHz & GeForce GTX 1070 and if you say that this rig will be almost as good as my new hardware I'll have difficulty not commiting suicide for my stupidity... About reinstalling ORBX Central 4 can you explain how do I tell ORBX Central where my addons are stored? Sorry if it seems a dumb question.
  10. I`m completing a new pc for simulation: Asus Prime X299 motherboard + I9-10940X processor + Geforce GTX 2080TI graphic card + 128GB DDR4 3000 RAM (8X16GB Corsair Vengeance). Will use the same 3 1TB SSD configuration that I have now in my "old" pc (one for OS, one for P3Dv4.5+, one for sceneries addons) and I have just one question for ORBX people. After installing Win10 64bit Pro (new install) in C drive, with P3Dv4.5+ in 2nd SSD drive can I just plug 3rd SSD drive (containing ORBX and aerosoft's sceneries) and it will work or do I need to make a new install? Tks
  11. Here it is my P3Dv4.5 scenery.cfg Scenery.cfg
  12. scenery.cfg that lays in ProgramData\LM\P3Dv4\? I'm really learning to deal with this kind of issue (thanks the people like you, Nick and many others that help us - newbies - in the sim comunity).
  13. Tks Doug. Always glad to have bought ORBX and have a wonderful help from you guys.
  14. When do I need to run Vector Control Panel with AEC? Does ORBX interefer with some sceneries addons? Because there isn't KJFK inside Vector AEC Tks
  15. Tks, Nick. As helpful as always. Glad to became an ORBX community member.
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