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  1. Hello F737NG, Sorry about that I meant to send those and thank you for your assistance. I use UT Live for air traffic (60% Commercial, 20% Civil), No ground traffic . Display is 27' 4k ASUS monitor. Affinity Mask settings are 254 (01111111). Let me know if you need additional info!! Regards, Arclight007
  2. Hello, I have been experiencing blurry textures with TE Florida in P3D V5.3 HF2 with default F-16. I have lowered my settings to no avail. When I first take off all the scenery is clear and crisp. As I come around over the lake south of KMCO the textures get blurry. It also happens just north of KMCO near downtown. My Specs are I9 9900k @5.0ghz no HT, Nvidia 2080ti (12 gigs VRAM), Win 10, 32 gig RAM. I do have T2G KMCO v2. installed. I have tried deactivating T2G Terrain just in case and it is still blurry. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance all! Arclight
  3. Roger that Cyclone1, appreciate the feedback and I will standby for P3Dv4.5! Hopefully that will fix the load time issue! All the best.....:-)
  4. Is there anyone still having loading issues after the new updates? Cause I am still having long load times. Performance is slightly better than I had before once I am in the sim.
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