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  1. If I already own FTX Global, Vector and a few of the NA regions, do I still need to download this freeware airports pack? https://orbxdirect.com/product/ftx-global-na-pack I don't own NA openLC.
  2. Oh right, so the Godzone installer has a contingency for exactly this situation? Maybe I need to uninstall ALL my sceneries from NZ and AU, then install FTX, then install the sceneries again? Nick, you're right. I saw duplicate buildings at NZNS which didn't match up. I always thought having FTX NZS below my Godzone NZNS would allow the airport addon to override the FTX addon. Thanks, will give it a shot.
  3. Jeff, Thanks for the response. I certainly don't expect that much continued effort and attention to every single product. However, full disclosure to customers about what they're buying would be the least I expect. FlyTampa do this well by labelling older, out-dated products as Legacy products which sell at a lower price. I think ORBX could also disclose that this airport is a 2008 rendition. Had I not studied the screenshots closely, I would not have known the terminals were actually out-of-date prior to making a purchase. Moving forward, I am still tempted as you say, to purchase this airport regardless. It does offer a very detailed Canberra to which I can fly. And it would integrate well with FTX AU and Cityscape. However, would a purchase now enable a discount if this airport is updated? I'd hate to buy this old version only to see a replacement come out in 12 months which I have to re-purchase at full cost. Saying that, it is on sale right now. I don't think the updated charts is such a big deal, unless runway data is changing. Thus as long as the 2008 charts were included with the airport purchase, then you can still refer to the data listed in that chart and use it for the airport. Apron layout is less important, as you can still find your way around.
  4. Hi team, I just installed NZSI and am encountering elevation issues at NZNS by Godzone. I checked the NZSI documentation, and nothing mentions any FAQ on this. And the ORBX forum has compatibility listed for the Godzone airports. I have made no modifications to these products, and can confirm NZNS worked 100% before the ORBX installation. Any help appreciated.
  5. Hi ORBX Team, I am wishing to purchase YSCB, it's been on my wishlist for some time now. However I notice the screenshots on the shop page show the old terminals, but the advertisement doesn't mention how up-to-date the product is. Do you think your airport pages need to have the date of production listed so customers can make an informed decision? Are there plans to modify this product to reflect Canberra's current state any time soon? If so, I would gladly purchase it and expect the update to come. But I will not purchase it if there is no intention to make upgrades, as I would be wasting my money. Please advise. Samuel.
  6. There are airports by JustSim and LatinVFR which also include city scenery. I was going to purchase Aerosoft LEBL, as it includes the most accurate city modelling and textures, however I prefer the airport from JustSim. I think now I'll buy ORBX CityScene + JustSim LEBL, so how will this work with compatibility? Thanks in advance!
  7. No worries. Seems to work, even if it has the wrong description. Oh right. so how many gates are left empty for scheduled AI + UI once all the Peak Season static is enabled? I only noticed one empty gate in front of the passenger terminal. I must admit the place could look rather dead with just the odd summer 737 or CRJ. A few 757's look good anytime! I do think the dynamic shadows cast by P3D beat the static black shadow, so that might help the statics look even more like regular AI. Thanks for the help. Sam :-)
  8. Disregard! Looks like that same setting is available for all the static AI settings. I ignored it at first because it says "Disable for P3D v2", and I'm running v4. Turns out it works for this version too Thanks a lot for taking the time to help, Ollie!
  9. Thanks Ollie! That removed the big black shadows. But now I notice the GA aircraft have double shadows. One shadow is sharp and moves with the sun, but the other one looks like a pixelated texture which looks a bit too black with the double shadows. Any way to remove all those black marks under the GA?
  10. Thanks for info. I'm very new to P3D, having switched from FS2004. Very little experience with "well known" phenomena. But I'll learn! Cheers
  11. Eagle County Airport, Vail, CO - KEGE Hi team, I turned off the Seasonal AI in the config, because I usually operated with 100% active AI. However, it appears the models are still casting their shadow. I don't really want to turn shadows off, as all the other shadows cast look good. Anybody know what's the deal with the AI shadows where the 757's once sat? See screenshot:
  12. Hi Jarrad, Thanks for the info. So I'm not the only person with floating houses in those areas? I have tried refreshing the scenery, but it doesn't seem to fix the float. It is intermittent though, some flights the exact houses will be stuck to the ground, but other flights they're not. No other recommendations? Cheers. Sam
  13. Wolcott, on the river between Eagle and Avon Somewhere West of Gypsum on the river
  14. West Vail, Colorado, CRM View from eastern end of West Vail, you can see most buildings are pretty close to the ground, with a few floating a few feet. In the back of the shot is the floating ones 50-100 feet up. Above screenshot taken from location below (looking South-west along the valley)
  15. Diamond Point, Olympic Peninsula, PNW Highland Hills, Sequim
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