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  1. Loved the Easter egg of Nessy in Loch Ness, today. Well its eaither Nessy or a damn big log.
  2. Hi Guys, continuing my trip around the Orbx EU scenery, Today the trip goes from Welshpool to Kerry. We have also handed over our Loaner Cherokee and picked up a brand new Comanche, Which will be with us for the rest of the journey and the future world trip. Sorry for the weather, today wasnt too great.
  3. Continuing my tour of my Orbx EU scenery and Airfields. This flight will take us from Fairoaks, to Welshpool via the remaining Orbx Airfields Damyns Hall, Stapleford, Old Warden and Elstree.
  4. Ok not sure what’s going on, but P3D started automatically when I turned on pc this afternoon, however it also appeared to reload some files on startup. Whatever it did, Cardigan bay is back to normal and I have normal coast visuals. Weird, must have just been a hiccup. Thanks for the help and advice mate. You can close this if you wish.
  5. Ok, will give it a try tomorrow after work. Thanks for your time, will talk tomorrow.
  6. Yes I have Nick, will go in and check the position of them all now. Thanks for quick answer
  7. Hi guys, thought I would continue my flights exploring all the EU scenery, however having a slight issue as I’m crossing the coast of wales heading west towards Ireland. As I’m seeing grass, fields and trees instead of water? I’m guessing the Mesh is screwed up somehow. It’s a fresh install and only Orbx EU scenery, Vector, and LC Europe ,and LC America is installed. NO external mesh at this point. Any ideas?
  8. Nope my fault, took using my mobile phone taking a photo of my screen, as I forgot how to take proper screenshots. Doohh. The others will be a lot better I promise
  9. Hi guys and gals, after being grounded for a year, I’ve finally got P3DV4 reinstalled and playing nicely and to celebrate I decided to go for a flight to visit all of the Orbx UK airfields, or at least fly over them. cant believe how realistic it looked, although I did have a small issue at my final destination as I’m sure you will see. Total flight time was 3 hours today taking off at Tattenhill, flying south to Compton Abbas for lunch, then from there to Fairoaks via Southampton, Popham, Goodward, and Shoreham
  10. Hi guys, I’m after some advice please. I’ve just installed P3DV4 from scratch including all my Orbx scenery. To check it is all working, I decided to have a fly around all the UK airfields. Starting at EGHA Compton Abbas, and going via Southampton, Popham, goodwood and Shoreham before finally landing at Fairoaks so I can have a break. However while the sim is running at 60fps in the air and the textures look Crisp and clear, on landing at Fairoaks, I’m faced with extremely blocky trees and very blurred textures on all the buildings and aircraft. Has anyone any advice on how I can solve this issue please.
  11. Huge thanks for this sale, was very pleasantly surprised to find the new True earth Netherlands included in the sale. Wallets now $80 lighter as I also picked up South America and Germany South, completing my Europe scenery. Perfect timing. Thankyou.
  12. Just subscribed. Great to see loads of stunning vids to catch up on, and that Sim :O wow. That is just a mind blowing setup.
  13. Hi guys, so let me make sure I get this right as I’m starting a fresh install of P3D and all ORBX EU scenery, global and vector in the next few days. I also have both FS Global 2010 and FS Global Ultimate Next Generation. So for the best compatibility I should install the 2010 version of FS Global, is this correct? Want to make sure I get the install correct.
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