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  1. Yes! And when you ould insert here the standard MSFS enhanced sceneries (depends on MSFS version, standard, premium, premium deluxe) like EHAM, LFPG etc, as star in a different color, that would be great! thanks for the response
  2. Hello, would be nice to have the option to see the MSFS enhanced sceneries on the world map, maybe as a different symbol or color, e.g. a green star many thanks Hope to see the next feature update soon! Guenter
  3. Hopefully very soon! this is really important! You get incredible performance data way off without. many thanks
  4. Hello, recently discovered Volanta and really love it. However one really important feature is lacking: the SimBrief custom aircraft profiles! SimBrief says: "This feature needs to be implemented on the Volanta/vAMSYS side, which I don’t believe they’ve done yet. If/when they do, it will normally involve entering your airframe’s internal ID (available from the Edit Airframe page on SimBrief) into the app in question (Volanta, vAMSYS, etc). Until they do, simply entering the same registration as one of your airframes will not work in those apps. It will still use the default airframe."" Hope you consider this!!! many thanks
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