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  1. Sorry, made a mistake. I simply copied the backup folder to a new location and referenced it in the Central. Worked as it should
  2. Interested in this also. Have tried it, but Central says then, that the folder (I created freshly for the backup) is already occupied.
  3. Seriously? This should be done by ORBX Central during installation. Or is that a recommended workaround now?
  4. Have you any information about the current development status? Where do you know from, that it could be fixed "shortly"? No. ORBX Central was officially released Could you please explain, how performance in P3D would be affected from changing from current scenery installations to th XML method? I also really want to have all ORBX stuff be installed outside P3D to make updates and installations easier. But beside this, my P3D will not behave in a different way, so I can't see, where there is a "game changer"? And I can't see how there will be a better performance? Or do you talk about the installation performance of ORBX stuff?
  5. Thanks for your patience and support, Nick. However, I want to be a bit more precise with the points you mentioned above: These problems exist also with a vanilla P3Dv4 installation, all leftovers deleted, nothing else installed. So, it is not only after migrating. 1.: yes, I can confirm this and wonder, how this made it through beta tests ... but ok, happend 2.: "not like the way their scenery library is arranged" is typical marketing speech. It is a complete mess all over created by ORBX central as it does not take into account that layer orders change with each new scenery. And layer ordering does not work in their addon.xml's, they have all the same layer number. Sorry to sound annoyed, what I am a little bit, but I hope you understand this. I hoped to hear an announcement and pardon from ORBX that things do not work as intended.
  6. And to add further: Global HD textures do not seem to work, regardless where they are in the scenery lib. Theres an analyses from an other user: Really hope w get that mess solved very soon from ORBX
  7. And to add: ORBX Vector Settings do work, but not the Altitude corrections (Vector AEC) I have disabled Vector AEC and try to work with pilots AFM in case.
  8. Operating system: WIN 10 64 Simulator: P3Dv4.5 Ok, I was going the hard way forward and back with the new ORBX central. I have had all errors mentioned in these forums here, did a clean install of P3D twice, but we have to face it: ORBX Central is completely bugged. Nevertheless I have found a kind of solution, better called workaround. The problem is, that the insertion points of OC do not work. When you open the scenery.cfg and the addon.xml's you could clearly see, that OC doesn't take any layering into account from the via addon.xml method installed sceneries. Means, it struggles over its own sceneries also. It sets the layer numbers wrong due to ignoring own or other addon.xml sceneries and it chooses always the same layer numbers, e.g. all Vector parts have the same layer number. So, the "simple" solution is just to keep your files in the right order to make them work properly in the sim. - ORBX and other Libraries - Other Airport sceneries - ORBX Airports - P3D Default Airports (Bathymetry, San Diego, ... Africa) - FTX Regions (in my case FTX Germany) - ORBX Landclasses (e.g. Europe LC) - Meshes (in my case FS Global) - ORBX Vector - all the P3D Base sceneries - ORBX rest + Default Scenery and Default Terrain The really annoying point is, that with every installation or change in OC you have to sort all over again. I use for it simStarter, as it is really easy to highlight a bunch of sceneries and add them below certain spacers I created (spacers are these dividers you could create with simStarter). BUT: saving it with simStarter also is no guarantee that the order persists as also simStarter doesn't count layer numbers correctly. My trick is now to open also Lorbys Addon Organizer and save the arranged sceneries with it! Important: you have to make a little change in the Addon Organizer that saving is possible (that the button gets orange), e.g. by moving a scenery up and down. Here is a picture where you could see a part of my ORBX stuff now with spacers: As I said, I was going back and forwards several times, tried also FTX Central V3 again, but installation tooks there over 5 hours only for Europe LC, so I switched back to ORBX Central 4 where the installation is fast, but chaotic. Hope, we get a fast solution by ORBX itself one day. In short again: - avoid ORBX Central bugs by arranging scenery layers by yourself - do this in a fast and easy way using simStarter and spacers (or similar addon tools, I do not any others) - make sure to have the order correctly saved by using Lorbys Addon Organizer!
  9. Can confirm the exact same behave. No problem with 4.4, now with 4.5 nearly unflyable on certain regions Hope, there would/could be a fix, soon ...
  10. Thanks for asking, John. I'm from Germany and absolutely satisfied with GES+GEN currently. So no need for me, especially when there are no other seasons. What I'd like to see much, much more is a partly photoreal scenery of the Alps (with seasons)! Complete, not just Switzerland or whatever! Talking again about Germany, the new Aerodata could be used to enhance little parts and cities of GEN+GES
  11. Great shots, could you post your PTA file, please?
  12. And a comparison: (both pictures of that comparison are slightly edited in colors to get a better match to each other - the upper Cessna shot is raw P3Dv4 with PTA) I would tend to say I'm satisfied
  13. My initial problem is indeed solved by arranging LOWI below GES in the library. FTX Central handles this different. I can see also now the Zugspitze buildings in a correct way - beautiful!
  14. Ah, ok that was fast .... I'll wait for the fix ... thanks
  15. Hello, that was a very disappointing start for me with GES: I installed GES, updated the library, updated GEN and startet from ORBX LOWI heading to north over the Zugspitze. First thing is, that at the Zugsitze are the default objects, but much more important is, that I have a total texture mess with GES. I haven't tested now much more, I just wanted to discover the Alps of GES and there's the complete mess. I have also done a re-migration, but haven't changed anything Hope, we could find a solution .. many thanks Günter EDIT: fast test: it seems it is ok in the rest of the scenery as far as I can say. maybe it is just the border between LOWI and GES? here is my library:
  16. I traveled a lot with my motorcycle, mainly in all north african states (except Libya). Also in Israel, Turkey, Baltic States and so on. (But that was some years ago - you know that this wouldn't be possible these days.) Turkey impressed me a lot, we where invited for a tea or breakfast or lunch at any occassion. Much too much But in all arabic states I have visited, the people have been extraordinary friendly! The poorer the people have been, the much more hospitable they have been. And they always denied to take any presents or money or whatever as a little thanks you.
  17. Please do not post real world pictures in this forum, thanks
  18. thanks for your replies! I was approaching LOWI from Milano (LIMC), the 747 was nearly fully loaded, but not much fuel of course. I have tried now the takeoff, this time the 747 was completely full loaded, but also not much fuel, just to get to Stuttgart (EDDS) I was surprised over all, that it is obvidously no problem to land and takeoff from LOWI. The takeoff was made with TO2 (33°C), Flaps 10 and a calculated margin of 21 meters. Taxiing was the only "problem" turning at the end to get out with rwy 08 ready for takeoff calculated margin was perfect
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