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  1. Thanks! I will try that.... So this happens to others, too? This also happens is other region such as North California?
  2. Thanks for sharing. So you also have stutters in this area? I have many of ORBX products and this is the first one that I feel obvious stutters... that's why I am thinking if there is anyway to fix it...
  3. Hi! Yesterday I have bought and installed FTX Southern California. I like the scenery a lot but I found it cause very prominent stutters. I set my target frame rate at 30, but in this scenery, FPS jumps between 15-30 and even pauses sometimes for about 1 sec.! I am using P3D v4.3 and my PC is i7-7700K @4.5GHz+16GB RAM+ 1070 video card. Is there anyway to fix it? Thanks!!
  4. Happy new year to you too and thanks for replying! I guess you are right! After checking GE "around" that spots, I get this picture. I think it's just like that.... haha!
  5. Thanks! Doug! I forgot to check the coordinates! I will try the Rapid morphing way first.
  6. Hi! As I flew above Turkey from LTBU to LTAN, I saw those textures on the ground( please refer to my pic) and they are everywhere there. Are they normal or it's also the "rapid ground texture "morphing" issue? I have FTX_Global base and open_LC_Europe installed. Thanks!
  7. Hi! After a reinstall of the PNW, I think it's normal now. Thank you all! Just curious why the first time it was not there even though in FTX Central it showed installed.... Here I attached the screenshots. Are they normal now? Or anything I should adjust? I have adjusted the resolution to 5m.
  8. Thank you! Holger! I have just found that I don't have those FTX_NA_PNW05_ entries, but I have FTXAA_ORBXLIBS entry! Why is that? In the FTX_Central it shows that PNW is installed.. BTW, I also have FreeMesh X installed. But it's the same after I disable these Mesh.. So what can I do?? Uninstall and reinstall PNW again? And can you give me some suggestion on where to compare? I mean can you give me the GPS or airport name where I can have a look? If you could give me some pictures for comparison, I would be really appreciated! Thank you so much!!
  9. I cannot attach my pictures here because it got stuck at the upload stage. Have no idea why. So I give you the link to those pictures. Thank you.
  10. Hi! I have just installed your PNW. I also have LC_NA installed, too. However, when I fly to the Mount Saint Helena, I cannot see the smoke erupting from the volcano as shown in your trailer video of PNW. Besides, the texture looks much differently. I have to admit that I bought this product because of the trailer video of the Mount Saint Helena but when I fly there, I was disappointed. I have already adjusted the setting according the manual of PNW. I will attach the screenshot in my sim flying pass the Mount and also my setting. Thank you so much for helping! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1RoNXw0RabxE3wI13Gpz8p7Z1o-6_ogPB https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Pw8_aV4VvR6p5hQeIWmIwYB5i0mzrEbw https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Cjr22Iq43FUEJZLc41nwxrb-LKFxLJ0o https://drive.google.com/open?id=1bWDn42QXaPN1X1vUC8OrSeVMQmrAIlyg https://drive.google.com/open?id=11J9CiDm9rqh9KWFy3GZKaBsJ3GyPMuT7
  11. Hi! I have been appreciated with the great work of ORBX. However, recently I found that part of it was installed in my C:\ disk(system) which is only 89 GB left now(originally 240GB). They are located in C:\Users\W10\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Files and they have used for about 20GB! Others were installed in my P3D folder in another disk and this is OK. My question is, can I move those in my C:\ disk to another disk? What steps should I take to safely and completely move them? Thanks a lot!!
  12. Thank you so much! It's really a great help!
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