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  1. CYBW Springbank AB: Updating Rwy numbers ILS and Taxi signs at CYBW Springbank AB Download/install ADE175 [Airport Design Editor] http://www.scruffyduck.org/downloads/4584110854 Simple Fix: I'm still using older ADE170 version Import CYBW as bgl into ADE175 Edit Rwy 07 to 08 [recip will follow the change] Edit Rwy 34 to 35 Add ILS 111.7mhz Save/ Compile while FSX not running Will end up in Addon Scenery Folder move to top of scenery library to overlay older versions found in Global Freeware and NRM except Taxi signs will remain as 07/25 and 16/34 they dont overlay if you can live with incorrect Taxi signs your done. Go fly ILS 35 appr. 111.7mhz Complete Fix: Edit all Taxi signs about 10 of them at CYBW Save /Compile FTX Global and FTX NRM use Dougs method to disable old files [.bgl.off] or will get both Taxi Signs new 08-26 and old 07-25 new 17-35 old 16-34 Do not .off CVR file it is the flatten file or grass will grow over parts of your Rwys ORBX is not Open Source so cant send updated files your way. Give it a try on your own computer Doing one update gives a person an appreciation of the work the developers face. Thank you for great job
  2. FTX Global EU Airport Pack file date 180716 names edit date 20180819 Airport names updated EU Orbx Freeware list v180716 20180819.rtf
  3. Belgium Flt posted to Flt Plan Forum nice trip. https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/158057-belgium-ftx-global-airport-pack-flt-plan/
  4. Printable FTX Global EU Airport Pack [48 airfields] file date 180716 edit date 20180806 freeware EU Orbx Freeware list v180716.rtf
  5. Printable copy FTX Global EU Airport Pack [48 airfields] file date 180716 edit date 20180806 EU Orbx Freeware list v180716.rtf
  6. Map was helpful in locating more EU airports. However many Germany E series are missing. FTX3 product page shows EU installed only option is uninstall. Dont want to do until get some expert opinions. Thank you in advance
  7. Thanks checked scenery file found ADE listings of 12 airports Belgium: EBKH Balen, EBLG Liege, EBNM Namur, EBSG St. Ghislain, EBSP La Sauveniere, EBTY Maubray, EBZR Oostmalle, EBZW Zwartberg Denmark: EK20 Lindtorp Sweden: ESNN Sundsvall, ESNQ Kirna, ESSU Eskilstuna
  8. Larry Is there a spreadsheet link to list for EU freeware airports suitable for printing as in above links [USA Here] and [Canada/South America Here]?
  9. Any cloning we have done duplicates the MB or TB capacity of donor HD regardless of the MB or TB capacity of replacement HD C: old becomes C; new Gain is newer bearings and new lifespan
  10. PA24 twin will not fly well, maintain VMC speed and altitude on one engine with drag of gear down. Best drop gear only when over the runway or belly it in and save your lives. To many engine failures meet a very bad end.
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